Child protection

Introduction. Outline two pieces of legislation/policy aimed at safeguarding children. Case Study. Identify Luke’s Needs in terms of linking it to P. I. L. E. S. Evaluate the case study, making reference to any concerns you may have that relate to child protection. Describe ways of empowering Luke. Detail the appropriate action plan required on foot of any concerns regarding child protection issues with in the case study. Describe thoroughly the actions required for Luke in a a Short Term, b Medium Term and c Long Term. Conclusion and recommendations. Bibliography.

•Survival right. Every child has right for life, for food, shelter, medical care;

•Development right. Right for education, leisure, play, cultural activities, access to information;

•Participation right. Children have right to have and to express their opinion.

This is the most comprehensive document on children's rights. And it is mainly the world ratified human rights agreement in history. This document establishes the specific rights of the child in international law, defining the universal principles and standards on the status and treatment of children around the world.

to strengthen the power of health board to provide child care and family support;

to introduce the arrangement of the supervision and inspection of preschool service.

Melissa lived in a part of Dublin that was notorious for its high crime rates and massive drug

abuse. At a very young age she fell subject to these crimes and started to abuse drugs. She

was highly addicted to heroin and was sexually active with her drug abuser peers.

At 16 Melissa became pregnant. She decided to stop using drugs and received help from her

began planning a new future. She gave birth to a baby boy (Luke). As a result of her

from the moment he arrived home. However, soon after the birth of Luke Melissa began

using drugs again. This time she moved away from home leaving Luke with her mother.

-Melissa returned home quite often but only to steal from her mother and her visits always

ended in a fight. Luke became fearful of Melissa and hid every time she visited. When Luke

and friends moved in and they also began shouting and hitting Luke. There were late nights

parties and drugs and alcohol were to be found everywhere in the flat. Luke still attended

In given Luke’s study case, he was born premature, low birth weight. He suffered from poor diet, poor hygiene. The physical abuse where not absent too. His mother and her friends were hitting Luke.

It is known that Luke was studious and enthusiastic boy while he lived with grandmother. But after her death he became a totally different child. He didn’t have any educational toys, equipment, nobody read books for him. Mother wasn’t interesting in her child, he was left on his own with homework, there was late nigh parties in their house, child didn’t have proper night sleep that affected his concentration skills a lot.

Actions to help Luke: Boy has to join homework club, get books from teacher, needs stimulation, needs good sleep, and if possible would be beneficial to get some extra classes from his teachers.

Linguistic development is a process by which children learn to express themselves in words and to understand other people’s verbal, nonverbal language.

Luke was exposed to bad language. He became quite, didn’t have language to express himself, he was exposed to violent outburst. Nobody read books for him. He didn’t have anybody at home to talk to or to listen to him.

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