Children’s hearing panel

Contents. introduction. procedure. findings. conclusion. reference list introduction. Findings statutory tribunals. Administrative Justice and Tribunal Council AJTC. Children’s Hearing Panel. The role of Children’s Hearing Panel. The composition of Children’s Hearing Panel. The process of Children’s Hearing Panel. Appeals from Children’s Hearing Panel. Reference list. Picture reference list.

Research was carried out using the Internet and recent legal textbook. This source was sufficient enough to complete a report. Questionnaires were not used as this was not seen as a way of picking up good and valid information on statutory tribunals.

Tribunals were created as a specialized institution that can provide a cheap, informal and prompt dispute resolution process. Tribunal like a court must deal with rights issues and the tribunal be solved through a number of matters have like administrative disputes, labor disputes and etc. Purpose the tribunal – the protection of human rights in the settlement of disputes. According to the Hereford (n.d.) the Tribunals bodies that is similar to a court that decides disputes and makes decisions that are binding on both parties. It grew rapidly after the Second World War, because of a growth of the welfare state growth of the employment protection laws and the growth of technology. Each tribunal is set up a statute and they function parallel to the court system and paths often cross, matters can be transferred. The Tribunals provides with a quick, inexpensive, informal and private way to help resolve a wide range of civil disputes. Tribunals are not like the formal courts. There are no lawyers or judges. A referee who has been carefully selected and trained hears a dispute. Any ruling they make is binding and will, if necessary, be enforced by the courts.

3.3.1 The role of Children’s Hearing Panel

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