Chile earthquake

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2010 Chile earthquake happened at coast of central Chile on February 27 in 2010. It was 5th biggest earthquake that ever occured. It took place on the boundaries of Nazca and South American plates. The ground was shaking for around 3 minutes. It was measured 8.8 in Richters scale. Chile is an LEDC country, thats why there weren't any precautions and it was unexpected. Also that's the reason why it done alot of damage.

20 minutes after the main earthquake, an aftershock struck of 6.2. Also after this one, two more aftershocks struck of 5.4 and 5.6. At the time of 9 days, there were 130 aftershocks registered while 13 of them were above 6.0 in Richter scale.

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  • Chile earthquake
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