Chinese bussines plan

Introduction. Business analysis. Current situation and development prospects. Potential competitors. Potential consumers. Geographical position. The nature of the project. Services. Administration premises and equipment. Administration and Staff. Shareholders. Organizational plan. Short description of production plan. Business premises. Equipment. Suppliers. Environmental, health and work safety. Objectives and tasks. Marketing channels. Advertising. Projection of new services. Risk assesment. Strong points. Weak points. Implementation of new technology.

Our future objectives are to expand our range of products, increase a number of clients and open branches in Kaunas, Daugavpils, ; Ryga; Warshawa; Gdansk . It is very important for any business to satisfy its customers and markets with the smallest possible expense, while getting the biggest possible profits. We will achieve this by optimising the Company management and control using newest IT products.

It should be noted, that effectiveness and productivity are different things. Effectiveness means achieving desired results, and productivity describes economy in input in manufacturing process. Good managers should decide what needs to be done prior to deciding

how to do it. There are future risks tough, such as new competitors, unstable economical conditions and Goverment policies

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