Christmas tree history

Often in ancient trees were sacrifices. It is on the highest tree. It is. Full color gloss on the tree and today.

Hello, today we are going to present the history of Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, and two types of tree. So, first of all, we‘ll begin with a short film in which you will see the Cristmas tree's history.

III -In terms of Christmas decorations, often in ancient trees were sacrifices, they were decorated with ribbons, strips of materials/cloth, food and candles. Spruce, as evergreen verdant tree, occupied a special place. It is on the highest tree in late December, waiting for the sun to come back, people hung gifts to the spirits praying for good harvest. Christmas trees were decorated with apples, candy, colored paper braids. Old European settlers decorated the branches with apples - symbols of fertility, eggs, which symbolized harmony and goods, nuts - a symbol of strength. In addition, the tree was decorated with Lithuania and hand-made thatched or straw toys.

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