Chromatography and pigments

Laboratorinis darbas. Chromatography and pigments.

Chromatography is the technique to separate different mixtures or pigments. The aim of the experiment is to observe how water works as a solvent to separate ink.

A strip of chromatography paper, around 12cm long, was marked with an ink spot at the bottom, about 2cm from the end. In the boiling tube some distilled water was poured around 1cm depth. Strip of paper was inserted in the boiling tube, end of it was in contact with the water, but not the ink spot: it stayed above. Observation took place. As the paper absorbed water, it rose carrying the ink spot along with it. The ink was separated into different colours when going up, some colours where going faster than others. It took around 50 minutes for the ink spot to travel till the top.

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  • Chromatography and pigments
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