Cili skaidres. Cili salies skaidres.

Private limited company “Čilija”. I will talk about. History. Profile. Logo and slogan. Structure. Advertising. Competitors. Statistics. Thank you for your attention ! ! ! PLC “Čilija” was founded in 1993 as a small business. Later was opened pub and biliard room. The first fast food restaurant “Čili bistro” was opened in 1999. Now there are open four “Čili bistro” and it can sevice more than 3000 visitors per day. Čilija” advertisment we can see on the billboards, commercial advertisement, leaflets or television.

Company “Čilija” offer: cozy atmosphere, music, attendence to clients, tasty food. In “Čilija” restourants and pizzerias you can taste various pizzas, salads, deserts, drinks, coctails and other.

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