Cinema in our life

Cinema rasinys. Rasinys cinema. Films rašinys. Films in our life. Rašiniai films. Anglu rasinys cinema. Anglu rašinys apie cinema. 13 january anglu rasinys. More and more cinemas are going to close down, because. Films, cinema angu rasinys.

More and more cinemas are going to be closed down because people just sit at home and watch dvd on their tv or computer. There are a lot of people who like to go to the cinema as they think that a lot of films are worth seeing. They usually touch one’s heart and they think that films are breathtaking and enjoyable. To make such effect producer makes special effects and sound effects as well. That is why the films become fascinating, cost a lot of money and you can feel it only watching films in the cinema.

Nowadays when people have problems with money they prefer to stay at home and watch TV or DVD. We will not find much effects while watching them on TV but we will not spend money. Those who think that music and effects play a big role in films they will not like watching films on TV. To my mind a lot of people watch films on TV and some adults have never /(180 words) been to the cinema..

Films is not worse then you watch on TV but if you want have more fun, meet your friends, if you like good sound you will go to the cinema.

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