Civil engineering

Introduction. What is Civil Engineering? What Civil Engineers do? How to become a Civil Engineer? Careers. History. Surveying. Land surveying. Construction surveying. Conclusion. Resources.

In this individual talk I would like to discus profession like Civil Engineering. I choose it because I think this profession is really interesting for me. I like to modeling a lot of different figures in programs on computer: houses, bridges and more. But modeling subjects on computer is not enough.

I had to know about Civil Engineering when my friends suggested to me go to the Vilnius, there were a lot of presenters of universities from different countries. A man, who explained me this profession was very impressive. Next day, after presentation i tried to find information about country and university where I could study this kind of Engineering. That moment it was too hard to enter there, I still remember a name of university it was HZ. Sad, but I stayed in Lithiania.

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