Climate change

Climate change rašinys. Global warming kalbejimas. Climate change kalbėjimas. Climate change anglu kalbejimas.

Climate change.

My name is Gabriele. I am student A and my paper number is 2. My task is about

To begin with I want to interpret the data of the survey, then talk about factors that influence climate and finally, about climate changes in Lithuania.

First of all, climate change is one of the biggest ecological problems in the world nowadays. Talking about the table with the results: ,,do people’s activities influence the climate change?’’ – I would say definitely yes. 69 % of questioned people said the same. 20 % of people said ,,yes, but it is just one of negative factors’’, 9% of questioned people belong to group which says ,, there are more powerful factors than this’’ and 2 % say that people’s activities don’t influence the

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