Clothes kalbėjimo tema

Anglu kalbejimas clothes. Anglų kalbėjimo tema "clothes".

Anglų kalbėjimo potemės 2018. I am going to talk about clothes and divide my speech into three parts. First, i will tell you about my opinion with the idea of the statement and various age groups of people clothes. After that i will tell my opinion about my clothes which i wear. And finally about spending money on clothes. So, i agree that everyone can tell a great deal about people form the clothes they wear, because almost all peoples trying show there’s personality with clothes. People’s clothes show what they like, what is the mood, and lifestyle. I think for young people clothes are very important, because they want to look very good every day, always they want to have new and best clothes.

Clothes kalbėjimo tema. (2012 m. Lapkričio 21 d.). Peržiūrėta 2018 m. Vasario 19 d. 21:24