Coffee shop business plan

Executive Summary. Introduction. Terms of Reference. Background Information Given. Market Research. The Business Guide. A Analyse yourself. B Business Analysis. S. W. O. T Analysis for D Cafe. Research. Market Analysis. A Total market valuation. B Market trends. C Target market. D Market Segmentation. E Competitors strengths and weaknesses. F Competitive advantage. G Marketing/Sales Strategy. H Marketing strategy. Advertising and Promotion. People forget fast. Your competition is advertising. Brand Identity. Advantage over competitors. Offer loyalty cards. Host a tasting night. Keep in touch with the local media. Social Media. Other Ways to Promote D Cafe. Sales Strategy. Financial Costs for D Café. Legislative requirements for D Cafe. A Food Regulations. B Legal Structure of the Business. C Registering for Income Tax and VAT. D Register Business Name. E Liquor Licence. Staffing and Employment Legislation. Health & Safety Regulations.

This Business guide assignment was requested by Ms. Ann Conway, Lecturer at DIT, Cathal Brugha St, Dublin 1 as part of the Applied Business Planning Module for the Hospitality and Services Sector.

The Authors of this Business Guide approached the assignment based on an approach made to them by a prospective client, who will be known as Ms. Jones, who was seeking information before a commitment was made in relation to the purchase of a café, (which for the purposes of this assignment will be known as “D Café”) in Bray, County Wicklow.

1.2Background Information Given

Ms. Jones is seeking to take ownership of an existing food premises in Bray county Wicklow which is a seaside town with a population of approximately 40,000 inhabitants.

The Premises is located off the main street and is called the “D Café”. It is a leasehold property with Twenty years to run on the lease and upward only rent reviews every 4years and 9 months. The premises measure 100 square meters in total. Key Money for the Café is 35,000 Euro with annual rent payable of 1,300.00 euro per month.

The café has seating for 30 persons with extra seating outside available. Presently the Café caters for event catering and holds a catering franchise at a local sailing club for lunches and functions alongside its in-house daily operations. The Café itself has a fully operational kitchen with toilet facilities for ladies and gents, a Store Room and Side yard for waste. The Café is registered and HACCP approved with the Health Services Executive.

It is intended to offer an “Avoca Café” type experience at D Café with all foods prepared fresh daily on the premises. The Café presently opens from 08.00 am for breakfast and closes at 18.00 pm Monday to Saturday and opening on Sunday’s from 10.00 a.m. until 16.00 pm.

There is no wine License presently with a bring your own policy in operation.

Staffing it is envisaged will be maintained at its current figure of full-time x 3 staff – part-time x 2 and one admin person who works two hours per week.

The purpose of this guide is to take Ms. Jones through the steps to get started and provide her with the relevant information which will help her to plan her new business start-up.

Those steps or areas to be considered before start-up are as follows:

A detailed research is required and has been undertaken here which may assure Ms. Jones that there is a market for her product and new business. It is very important to plan well prior to opening a new business or investing any money as very many Businesses fail in their first year. Also as a Food business is being considered, it is important to be able to meet customer expectations which are rising all the time and more importantly to be aware that food business are required to meet current legislation in this area which can incur considerable financial outlay in order to be compliant.

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