Communication management

Module Content. What is Your Communication Style? Dimensions of Communication. Potential Limitations of Each Style. The nature of interpersonal skill. Aims. Why Communicate? Successful projects are based on good communication within the team. Exercise 1 Your Views. What is Communication? The Essential Elements of Interpersonal Skills. Learning Objectives. The Nature of Interpersonal Skills. Skilled Communication Involves. Skills Development. Interpersonal Communication Concerns. Its in your face! One to one or small groups Shaped by personality, social roles and relationship. Interpersonal Communication Concerns. Goal related behaviour concerns. Skills and Work. Effective Social Skills. Perception Self Concept. Self-Presentation. Self-Presentation Self-Monitoring. Perception of Others. Perceptual Error Created Through. Skilled Perception. Listening or Hearing? ? Functions of Listening. Effective Listening Verbal Cues. Effective Listening Non-Verbal. Ineffective Listening Verbal. Ineffective Listening Non-Verbal. Ineffective Listening. Listening Other Factors. Rapport. Feedback. Functions of Feedback. Reasons for Feedback. Effective Feedback. Effective Feedback The Results. Summary. Explaining Skills. Persuasion Types. Persuasion Persuader. Persuasion Recipient. Persuasion Logic. Persuasion Process. Workplace Relationships. Leaders Relationships. Groups and Communication. Features of groups. Types of groups. Why join groups? Membership. Stages of group development. Positive and negative aspects of groups. Group conformity. Positive aspects of conformity. Negative aspects of conformity. ‘groupthink’. Groupthink likely to occur when…. Group productivity. Social loafing. Organisational Culture. Some Questions. Origin of Corporate Culture. The nature of cultural phenomena. Culture and Performance. Management & Culture. The Function of Culture. Typology of Culture. Grouping Cultural Types. Dimensions of Culture.
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