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Company “Beme”. Contents. Introduction to the. Introduction. “Beme” is the. The concept of social media platform. At first, when “Beme” just have started. Within the first. The graph shows. Became a news network. After the “CNN”. Incorporating audience. The company also has incorporated their audience opinions of the news thought specific application. Conclusion and thoughts. Overall “Beme” is.

Introduction to the company 3 The concept of social media platform 4 The growth of the application 5 Building a news network 6 Way to make audience cooperate 7 Conclusion and thoughts 8.

“Beme” is the company that was created in 2014 by Matt Hackett and Casey Neistat. It is based on a digital social media. Firstly the company had an mobile phone application to start out with which was based on sharing whatever people wanted thought short, 5-10 seconds long, video clips filmed with their phones. In november 28th 2016 the company sold the app for 25 million dollars for “CNN” and the company “beme” has switched its ambitions towards becoming a news network on “youtube” which is the startup of their activities.

At first, when “beme” just have started, their main focus was their application. The company really focused the app to be as close to reality as possible, not using any filters or video effects when using the app. Then the user wanted to share something thought the app he just simply needed to bring the phone to his chest to get the app start to record, then the user captured what he wanted he when just simply needed to move his phone from his chest and the video captured would get instantly published.

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