Company presentation Girteka

Company presentation ,, girteka “. History and development of the company. Dislocation and units. Organization structure of the chapters and their activities. Hoptrans has 6 departments transportation air freights director marketin finance administration sea freights director. The number of employees and activities. Reliable group of Logistic companies , these tires are of great interest to us.

Girteka logistics is dislocated in Vilnius, Raciu st. 1. It also has a unit in Siauliai, which was opened in the summer of 2016. This unit has a modern learning center, smaller units, that take care of transport and cargo flows, and the first Girteka‘s truck service, where heavyweight machinery is being repaired.

Company includes many other employees whose duties are specified in Organisational Chart, picture 1.

Finance-its functions include planning, organizing, auditing, accounting for company‘s finances.

Administration- the people responsible for running a business, organizes tasks and makes decisions.

Girteka employed 7100 employees by the end of november 2016. Professionals like distribution managers, marketing managers and sales managers lead this company to success.

Our route network is unique and well developed over time, it ranges from the top of Norway, Sweden, Finland to the south of Europe and beyond to the most remote cities of the CIS Region and Russia.

Transport of goods through the mountains can happen in traffic accident

Girteka - is one of the biggest logistics companies in the Baltic States which getting bigger and bigger. Girteka has 4 departments: human recourses, marketing, finance, transportation. They also motivate staff, always improve performance. Girteka everyday trying to develop the Foreign partners list. Also the opportunity to work in this company provides both young people with no experience and people with a large experience.

I saw an advertisement in October issue of journal Keturi Ratai about your new tires, Bridgestone Blizzak. As we are a financially strong and reliable group of Logistic companies, these tires are of great interest to us.

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