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Rūta. About company RŪTA History Employees Achievements and awards Activities Products. Content. RŪTA is the oldest confectionery company in Lithuania. „RŪTA“. Middle-sized company Have. Information about the company. Established in 1913 in Šiauliai city by Antanas Gricevičius. History. Administration director, deputy director, deputy diroctor of commerce. Employees. Companion achievements and awards. Produces a unique range of recipies and original products ideas. RŪTA activities. Nuts caramels. Company RŪTA is one of the oldest chocolate brand in Lithuania. To sum up.

About company RŪTA; History; Employees; Achievements and awards Activities; Products.

Nuts, caramels, truffles, creams, jellies, chocolate figurines, marzipan, Sweets in boxes, sweets, dessert candy, chocolates, chocolate shapes, dragee, other products, snacks, festive goods.

Company RŪTA is one of the oldest chocolate brand in Lithuania; RŪTA have many awards; Chocolates made by RŪTA are steeped in tradition; RŪTA chocolate have known in other countries; RŪTA production is high quality; Company RŪTA is one of the best lithuanian confectionery company.

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