Company types in lithuania

Company types in lithuania business foreign language project. Vilnius. There are various forms of business entities allowed in Lithuania. There are some. It is the Lithuanian Private Limited Liability Company. The minimum registered capital in a private company is LTL. The Lithuanian Public. Liability – the company and its shareholders have limited liability. Management body –. Status – both partnerships are considered a legal entity. Tūb. Liability – general partnerships have unlimited liability and limited partnerships have limited liability. Individual enterprises (IĮ) An. State and municipal enterprises. State or municipal. Agricultural company. Agricultural company is. There are. A cooperative company. Cooperative companies.

There are some main kinds of company types which are commonly founded on Lithuanian territory: 1.Private company (UAB); 2.Public company (AB); 3.General partnership (TŪB) or limited partnership (KUB); 4.Individual enterprise (IĮ); 5.State enterprise; 6.Municipal enterprise; 7.Agricultural company; 8.Co-operative enterprise;.

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  • Company types in lithuania
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