Competitions of automobiles audio systems

Introduction. What is a car audio competition? Competitions of automobiles audio systems in Lithuania. Why should be interesting to participate? Types of car audio competitions. Sound pressure level of your car audio system (SPL). Sound Quality. What are the Best Car Speakers? Jbl. Boston Acoustics. Kicker. Conclusion. Used resources. 2015 Competitions of automobiles audio systems decibels world records. Enclosures.

The aim of my project is to deepen the knowledge about competitions of automobiles audio systems, to find out the best car speakears in the world and gain as much as possible information, which would be helpful me in the future, namely for this reason I decided to choose this topic.

Car audio competitions in Lithuania is not a very frequent phenomenon. Usually these competitions are organizing by „Tuning Team“ club users, who trying to popularized these competitions all over Lithuania. However these competitions becoming increasingly more popular. Every year in different Lithuanian towns, occurs more and more „db drag“ competitions. People show great interest and are willing to take part in competitions.

This picture shows a world records in the different categories of automobiles audio systems competition.

Lithuanian record in the SPL extreme category is 155,4 dB which was achieved in 2005 in Alytus.

To sum up I want to say, that nowadays come into being a lot of different competitions, one of these are Competitions of automobiles audio systems or otherwise known as the „db drag“. In the foreign countries these competitions are more popular then in Lithuania, but each year „db drag“ become better known and there. It is quite expensive entertainment, and for this reason, not everyone can let himself to participate . I found planty of information about this topic and I realized that, competitions of automobiles audio systems has a lot of rules and categories, but there are two main - sound pressure level (SPL) and sound quality (SQ). Also I found out that the best car audio speakers are „JBL“ and what are the world records in the db drag competitions.

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