Computer Security

About two hundred years before, the word "computer" started to appear in the dictionary. Therefore, computer become more and more popular and important to our society. Physical hazard is one of the causes of destroying the data in the computer. The term "hacker "may have originated at M.I.T. as students' jargon for classmates who labored nights in the computer lab. For preventing the hackers and other criminals, people need to set up a good security system to protect the data in the computer. The most common method to lock up the data is using a password system. Besides password system, a computer company may consider about the security of its information centre. Individuality of vocal signature is one kind of biometric security system. Finally, the last biometric security system is the geometry of the hand. Why do we need to protect our computers? What can we use to protect the computer? Besides the password system, card-keys are also commonly used. Another biometric device is a de
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