Concrete roof tiles

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Outstanding esthetics and precision engineering of Marley Eternit concrete roof tiles deliver a varied range, suitable for modern and traditional concrete roof designs. Concrete roof tiles are given a acrylate-styrene-based coating to protect the concrete against the effects of the weather and mechanical damage. Pigments can be added during mixing to provide the color. The surface finish resembles that of fired clay roof tiles. Flat concrete roof tiles have deep twin side ribs and tail ribs, and the special elements for edges, roof penetrations, etc. match these. They are laid like clay roof tiles; the format of the concrete roof tile determines the spacing of the battens and the overlap. Coverings of clay roof tiles do not require any regular maintenance. However, some care over the years (depending on the degree of soiling) will increase their longevity beyond 50 years, but junctions may require repairs in the meantime.

Concrete tiles are made from sand, cement, water and other pigments. And also are not fired like clay tiles, but cured at temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. The curing process makes them durable to be transported within a few days of manufacture and they get stronger over time.

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