Conflict in Kenya

Recent Conflict in Kenya. Reasons of Conflicts. Again about Kenya. Klare’s Article Apply to the Threats to Peace in My Country. References.

This year on March 4 in Kenya will be held general elections, electing the President, new senators and governors. Kenya is the country that has a sharp division between different tribes and ethnic groups; this is the main cause of the ethnic violence which occurs before each election. What is really happening, the politicians are using this ethnic division that exists in Kenya for many years for being elected; they are paying money for different ethnic groups, arming them. Because leaders are abusing this ethnic division that still exist in Kenya, many people suffer, especially civilians. Marc Lacer in the interview with journalist Marcus Mabry (form “New York Times”) says that Kenya is in the right path in so many ways, it made a remarkable progress; its economy is growing. However, the ethnic violence in Kenya rises.

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  • Conflict in Kenya
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