Conflict Management in workplace practical case

Universidade Fernando Pessoa. Faculty of Human and Social Sciences. Psychology of Conflict, Negotiation and Mediation. Social Technology Management. Robert Sumskij. Introduction. Theory. Concept of Conflict. Practical case. Analysis. Diagnosis. Evaluation. Intervention Proposal. Final Reflections. Bibliography. Appendix. Introduction. Theory. Appendix A.

Conflict in the workplace can arise in many different forms, however, the most common are personality conflicts and hierarchy conflicts. Usually manager is the one who looks after group of people and decides who is better than another.

My chosen type of conflict is work related as I had the particular conflict at my work. When my opinion does not meet my boss’ opinion and the opposite, I choose to follow him, however sometimes I think it is not the right way to do things. I had negative opinion about my manager and he had similar about me. Relationship between us got very cold and strictly work oriented. I chose this case, because it is very common and I think analyzing this conflict will help me in future.

In this paper’s theoretical part I will try to present conflict negotiation methods and apply one or few of them to the particular problem. This way we will know what would have been the best way to solve conflict.

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