Consumer behaviour cosmetic consumption

Part theoretical background of consumer behaviour in cosmetics consumption. Table Factors influencing buying decision of cosmetics in India , Limbad 2014 Factor. Part indian market of cosmetics. List of references.

The Indian cosmetic industry has been experiencing a rapid growth as well as a significant change in the consumers’ attitudes towards cosmetics products. This is namely due to two major factors: the increasing demand for beauty products and penetration of premium global brands in the cosmetic market of India (Shimpi & Sinha, 2012). Economic growth and rise in the incomes gave opportunity to both rural and urban population to seek for cosmetic products. As a result, the demand for such products has increased. Meanwhile, Indian consumers have been exposed to global premium cosmetic brands and this has affected their behavior. The analysis of consumer behavior in the Indian market for cosmetics has shown particular characteristics in the consumer buying process, in the consumer preferences for cosmetics, and in the consumers’ attitudes towards cosmetics products.

Table 1: Factors influencing buying decision of cosmetics in India, Limbad (2014)

Table 1 suggests that fragrance, skin protection, moisturizing effect, seasonal change, quality, quantity, protection from germs, suitability for skin, and natural ingredients have scored very high in influencing the decision of purchasing cosmetics.

Desai (2014) has concluded that, Indian consumers are more likely to buy their cosmetics from permanent stores and private bazaars. Indeed, permanent stores and local private bazaars are ranked as the 2 most chosen places for purchase of cosmetics just before medical shops and shopping malls. In the meantime, consumers are less likely to purchase cosmetics from co-operative bazaars. This corroborates an earlier research done by Junaid, Nasreen, and Ahmed (2013) who investigated that Indians were more likely to buy cosmetics, in order of preference, from cosmetic store and pharmacy but not from the internet. It can be observed that nowadays, preferences are given more to private bazaars than to pharmaceutical stores.

There are three main factors affecting the decision of consumers to go to a particular shop for their purchase. Consumer first motive for visiting a store is the quality of goods Desai (2014); research shows that the quality of the goods is by far the first reason for Indians to purchase cosmetics in a particular shop. The variety of goods in the store is also a very important factor affecting the decision to purchase from the store. Finally, Indian cosmetics consumers are price sensitive and therefore, would likely buy from stores where prices are reasonable (Desai, 2014).

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