Consumers protection

Cover page. Introduction. Consumer rights and protection. Consumers responsabilities. Consumer protection cases. Consumer protection in lithuania and european union. Conclusion.

In todays society knowing your rights is very important and sometimes overlooked by the people and the government. The laws that are placed by the government and apply to each citizen of the country are sometimes misleading and unclear to the mass public. Citizens of the country mostly ignore their rights as consumers and companies that provide goods and services know that and use it for their benefit. Some of the laws are easy to go around therefore the involvement of state is needed for a clear and fair business. The state provides laws that are beneficial for the consumer.

Consumers rights and consumers protection law provide a way for individual people to fights against business practices that brake the law and try to cheat the consumer. Such companies can break the law on a small scale that would hurt only individual people. But there are cases were these cases reach a global level and are considered as a fraud. These laws allow the consumer to be heard if he is thinking that he has been cheated. These rights are enforced by the government officials.

In 1962, USA President John F. Kennedy was the first politician that expresses his thoughts about consumers rights formerly.

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