Contemporary studies in students eyes

Anglų kalbos projektas - šiuolaikinės studijos studento akimis. Abstract. Summary. Introduction. Method and results. What do you study? How do you evaluate the quality of study in lithuania? Where do you study? Why do you select this educational institution? Would you like to take part in erasmus exchange programme? Do you think that the quality of study abroad is much better? Why do students tend to emigrate? Which higher school or university you like the best? Conclusion.

52 respondents were randomly interviewed about contemporary studies by electronic questionnare and direct communication. 38 women and 14 men were involved in the survey, mostly students up to 20 years old. The most active were students from economics area, although some single area representers were little behind. The aim of the project was to find out the opinion of Lithuanian students about the quality of studies, higher schools and reasons of emigration.

Calculated results showed that students evaluated the quality of studies abroad much better, than at homeland and most of them would like to participate in Erasmus programme.

By the direct communication method it was found out that university students give priority to higher education, while college students prefer practical skills.

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  • Contemporary studies in students eyes
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