Contributions of sociology to organizational behavior

Introduction. Sociology. The emergence of sociology. Concept of sociology. Sociology and organizational behavior. The importance of sociology to organizational behavior. Sociological researchers that can be assigned to organizational behavior. Conclusions. Discussion questions. References.

All society is distributed in various social groups and all those groups are in some way related with each other or have interfaces an the same think is in all organizations. A lot of sciences and researchers always try to investigate everything that happens on organizations as organizational behavior. Researchers and managers who use concepts and ideas from organizational behavior know that there are variety of fields and attempts to describe behavior. In many ways, organizational behavior synthesizes several other fields of study. That is why organizational behavior is related and built upon number of disciplines. The five building blocks of organizational behaviour are: Psychology, Sociology, Social Psychology, Anthropology and Political Science. As mentioned before one of them is Sociology. Researchers of sociology have put a lot of effort on exploring organizations as social phenomenon which is created by human activity. Person absorbs values of society, standards, social experience and acquires to behavior by particular standards, and the person becomes a real member of society. The same thing happens is organizations too. And one of the main factor of organizational behavior is sociology. Those two sciences have a lot of factors and elements within organization, which sometimes and are really related with each other and have many common things. These sciences both together provide a possibility to reach effectiveness and better results in organization by understanding the importace and contributions of Sociology to Organizational behavior. Sociological methods to explore the personel behavior could be helpful and important to the organization. But understanding of it is requered.

What is ‘sociology’, what is its contribution to organizational behavior and how and where sociology could be used in organizational behavior ?

Organizational behavior and sociology, their relation.

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  • Contributions of sociology to organizational behavior
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