Cooperativa society under Lithuaninan law

Cooperative society and Agricultural company. Plan of the presentation. Cooperative society. Establishment. Founders. Bylaws. Governing Bodies. Meeting of members. Governing Bodies. The Board. Control of activities. Audit commission. Property in Cooperative societies. Termination of Membership in Production Cooperative and Transfer of Share. Termination of the Activities of a Cooperative Society. The activities of a cooperative society shall be terminated. Liquidation Procedure. Examples of cooperative societies. Agricultural companies.

Prepared by Sychova Volha Vaitsekian Krystsina Belous Elizaveta Mazura Juliana Lopan Yuliya Shvaiko Karyna.

Cooperative society 1.1 Establishment 1.2 Bylaws 1.3 Property 1.4 Liquidation 1.5 Examples 2.Agricultural company 2.1 Definition and members of agricultural company 2.2 Bylaws of agricultural company, rights and duties of its members 2.3 Property of the agricultural company 2.4 The terminating of the agricultural company 2.5 Examples.

Functions: 1) Accept or expel members. This function can also be performed by the Board. 2) Amend or supplement the bylaws; 3) Elect or remove the Board and audit commission and their members; 4) approve annual accounting and the programme of business activities; approve distribution of profit (losses); 5) establish the procedure for paying wages in a cooperative society; 6) solve issues concerning the joining and withdrawal of a cooperative society from unions (associations), establishment of their structural subdivisions and enterprises; 7) adopt decisions to liquidate a cooperative society.

Belarus 3 years; 5 years for non-profit cooperatives.

Directs business activities of a cooperative society manages affairs represents a cooperative society in court.

1) inspects annual balance sheet; 2) Reports all established violations; 3) submit its findings on the accounting to the meeting of members.

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  • Cooperativa society under Lithuaninan law
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