Court system

Court System. Court. Assembly-line justice. Problems facing the courts today Backlog Delay Congestion. Busy prosecutors will drop cases for no reason at all (this is called nolle prosqui). Busy courts tend to increase their rates of plea bargaining.A stressed-out court component has implications for the rest of the justice system. Approximately 80% of everyone accused of a felony in America makes use of a public defender. The jury system. When a person is called up for jury duty. There are two kinds of questions during the jury selection phase of voir dire. The problem with juries. Juries engage in something called jury nullification. There are other issues associated with the jury system. The problem with prosecutors and defense attorneys. In all but a few jurisdictions, they run a political campaign to get elected. Prosecutors often hire assistants. Defense attorneys are private advocates. Public defenders have nothing to gain politically. The end. Sources of information.
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