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Ekonomikos skaidrės. The Main Indexes for the Estimation of the Creativity Their Functions and Pointers ( R. Introduction. The Creativity Index. The Global Creativity Index. Talent Index. The Global Talent Index. Tolerance. Tolerance. Gay Index 1/. Tolerance. Gay Index 2/. Tolerance. Melting Pot (Foreign-Born) Index 1/. Tolerance. Melting Pot (Foreign-Born) Index 2/. Telorance. Bohemian Index 1/. Telorance. Bohemian Index 2/. Tolerance. Integration Index. Tolerance Index 1/. Tolerance Index 2/. Global Tolerance Index.

Patterns: Places that were most popular among gay men were also the ones where hightech industry was locating, location of gay people (demography), income rise. Functions: Predictors of regional housing prices.

Tolerance. Melting Pot (Foreign-Born) Index 1/2.

Patterns: Gain creativity advantage, be open to entrepreneurial individuals. Functions: Attract and retain the sorts of people who power innovation and growth.

Tolerance. Melting Pot (Foreign-Born) Index 2/2.

Patterns: Locations where working artists, writers, designers, musicians, actors, and the like cluster, income rise. Functions: Relationship between the presence of amenities and high-tech companies, predictors of regional housing prices.

In 2010, Tolerance Index = Gay Index + Melting Pot Index + Integration Index.

Global tolerance measured as a combination of 2 variables : % of people believe city is good place for ethnic and racial minorities and % of people believe city is good place for gay and lesbian.

Canada Ireland The Netherlands (83 % open to gays, 73% to minorities) New Zealand Australia Spain Sweden USA.

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