Crimes in Lithuania

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Nowadays in all world more and more people start to do crimes. There are a lot of types of them. Such as muggings, hijacks, robberies, kidnaps and so on. But for example in our country some of these crimes are not usual, maybe because of people number in country and less wishes to do some illegal acts. But they are and some of them are not clear. One of the most frequent commission in lithuania is theft. It is the act then someone takes things which do not belong to them. These things could be purse, bank card or even car. Statistic shows that in lithuania every day are stealing, but there are a lot of peoples who don’t see that they were thieved. That’s why a large number of these crimes are not seen of police. One more crime very often in lithuania is arson. It is the act when someone sets fire to property on purpose. It is done for several causes. Firstly, because of land where is standing a house or other buildings. Secondly, for revenge. But these crimes are quickly seen so the criminal is often caught.

Moreover in our country is popular vandalism. It is commission then someone damages other people’s property on purpose. He most frequent vandals are teenagers. They don’t care about sequences and think that this deed makes them cool between other teens.

In my opinion in Lithuania should be more strict penalties. Maybe it would help law guardians to refuse a big part of criminals. Also, it would be better to contend against them giving more attention to crimes and them solutions.

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