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2011, October 10th about 8 P.M Rūta Tamaliūnaitė was walking home from work through Central park. The park was vacant, only a few people there. While entering the darker side of the park Rūta got attacked by a hooded male, she was forced to the ground after she suffered several blows to the head forcing her to loose clear sight and the ability to comprehend the situation also causing a slight injury of health. After that the mail attacker grabbed her hand-bag and ran through the park towards the street. A pair of witnesses saw the whole situation and quickly called the authorities and the medical team, describing the situation and the attacker, his clothing. The attacker was caught and brought to the station where he was held until Rūta Tamaliūnaitė arived and identified her belongings.

The paramedic team diagnosed Rūta with slight head trauma, body scratches and and symptoms of nervous damage.

In her hand-bag there was a wallet with 300LT, a drivers license, ID card, bank cards, a cellphone iPhone 4G.

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