Crisis Management and Communication Plan

Create a form on which to document all reported guest ailments. Arrange a meeting with managers and supervisors. Contact local health department. Contact restaurant’s attorney and insurance company representative. Hire a food safety consultant. Conduct our own investigation. Contact supplier if necessary. Implement strategy for a media. Situation defining for every potential customer. Actions to mitigate situation. Introduce potential customers with strategies what we are going to implement. Supply chain interruptions. Get in touch with suppliers. Get products from other suppliers. Create a strategy if crisis will reach media.

Restaurant is a high risk business. We are working with food & drinks, so we have to be sure that it is always fresh and made in proper way to use. However, statistics shows that restaurants business everyday are suffering from conflicts with customers. To begin with guests are unhappy with a service (too long wait for order, waitress rude communication, food served in a wrong order, meal doesn’t look or taste good etc.) and to end with issues of food poisoning, illness or even death. There are a lot of other factors, which decreses restaurant business sales, reputation or puts business into emergency situation. We have to be prepared for every kind of scenario and train employees what actions they should take to solve the occured problems in the least ammount of time with the the biggest effectiveness. Our main goals to minimize risk of a crisis:

Our management team is also a crisis management team. The leader of a group is the director of the company. If something goes terribly wrong, he is the first one who makes decissions and solves the problems by the help of executive managers and shift supervisors. Depending on the level and kind of the crisis those roles are dividing their responsibilities for problem solving. These are the main people. However, all other employees have to know basic information of what crisis could happen. Supreme bartenders and supreme waiters take the first steps to reduce a panic if something unexpected happens inside the restaurant. Also, they inform supervisors and managers about the situation. Our crisis management team goals:

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