Cross infection

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Cross infection. prevention and control. What is cross infection? Chain of infection. Transmission of cross infection. Preventing cross infection is easier than treating it ! Hand hygiene. Effective hand wash steps. Using personal protective equipment. Safe handling and disposal of sharps. Safe handling and disposal of chemical waste. Decontaminating equipment. Sterilization of re-usable clinical equipment. Maintaining a clean work environment. Managing accidents. Food handling. Handling and process linen. Training and education. Communication. Treating cross infection. Infection control.

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Unsterilized equipment Bacteria from coughing and sneezing The transmission of viruses through human contact Touching contaminated objects Dirty bedding.

Keep nails short and clean Avoid wearing wrist watches and jewellery when working with infectious patients Any cut and abrasions should be covered with a waterproof dressing Wash hands every time after used the bathroom.

Appropriate footwear Protective clothing and apron if needed Disposable gloves Masks, visors and eye protection.

These include: Clinical waste Shaving razors Contaminated glass Hard plastic.

Steam Autoclave Chemical Vapor Sterilization Dry Heat Oven Chemical Immersion.

Before and after work session Daily Weekly Monthly Annually.

Complete a written incident or injury report all times at the work place.

Bed linen should be changed responsibly and washed properly.

Continuous training should be provided at the work place if working with potential hazards to infection.

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