Cruise ships

Introduction. History of cruise ships. Cruise ships’ types. Allure of the seas. Oasis of the seas. Lithuania cruises. Findings. References.

Cruise ship is a passenger ship, which is used for pleasure voyages. Cruise ships not just let the passengers to go on a long trip, but also let them to have a large variety of entertainment (like restaurants, nightclubs, sport clubs, casino and etc.) inside the ship. Cruise became one of the most important type of tourism.

There are six types of cruise ships. First class is called “Freedom class”. These 160000 tons giant ships are one of the biggest and most advanced ships in the world. The latest cruise ship of this type started voyages in 2007. The main characteristic: 15 decks, a lot of restaurants, cafes, luxury cabins, ice skating rink, casino, theater, library, spots clubs, basketball court, water entertainment zone, mini golf, day spa center, solarium, conference rooms, service all day.

Second is “Voyager” class. These ships are called the wonders of technology, maybe that is why they are one of the most popular type of cruise ships in the world. It was peculiar revolution in conception of cruise voyage. Class of voyager ships are 30% bigger than previous cruise ships, because all new innovations needed more space. The main characteristic: 15 decks, five level theater, volleyball court, guests and service staff ratio is 3: 1, well-equipped luxury cabins, three-floors restaurant.

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