Customer motivation

Customer motivation. Why they buy. Factors of tourist motivation. Cactus journal of tourism. Ro Pdf vol4 20Mahica 20Cristina. Pdf motivation. Escape , Search and Desire Escape. What motivates a customer to buy. Best Value for the Price  . Personal Attention. Ease of Buying  . Honesty and Integrity.

These theories can explain both the consumption of services AND also the decion making in the purchase process (= marketing courses...)

tourist product, which distinguishes it from other products and services on the market:

- emotional (nostalgia, romance, adventure, escape, fantasy, spiritual needs);

- status (fashion, exclusivity, getting a good offer);

self esteem (self development through cultural, nature or other activities)

Personal Attention: Potential customers are more likely to buy if contact staff or others employees of the company are courteous, helpful and attentive. Need to make them feel as though they are the most important person in the world.Ease of Buying:   It is very important to make easy way for customers to buy a product.

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