Customer satisfaction with vodafone mobile connect internet

Table of content. Introduction. Customer Satisfaction. Customer expectations and perceived value. Service quality. Customer satisfaction measurement. Satisfaction research tools. Questionnaire. Types of questions. Data gathering methods. Research of satisfaction with Vodafone Mobile Connect. Analysis of demographical data. Analysis of each question of the questionnaire. Analysis using independent sample T-test. Analysis using Crosstabs. Correlations. Conclusions. Bibliography. Santrauka. Appendixes. Appendix Questionnaire in English. Appendix Questionnaire in Lithuanian.

As the purpose was to combine both, theoretical and practical methods into a logical sequence and to make the paper as descriptive as possible, scientific literature and research data was used to fulfil this task. Scientific literature included different articles, books and internet websites evaluating and interpreting the issue of customer satisfaction. Data for practical exploration was gathered with the help of the research.

The contribution of each student writing this paper was equal. The theoretical part was divided between the authors and completed independently, whereas the practical part was written jointly.

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  • Customer satisfaction with vodafone mobile connect internet
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