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Lithuanian customs. Content. Customs organisational structure. Lithuanian customs mission. Customs Procedures. General information about Vilnius territorial customs. Vilnius customs organizes its activities in accordance with. Vilnius territorial customs operational area. Territorial customs purpose. The most important task of the territorial customs. Vilnius territorial customs posts(1). Vilnius territorial customs posts(2). Border checkpoint concept. Persons crossing the border, the border crossing point in the territory needs to be done. Persons crossing the border banned. Lavoriškių border post. Medininku border post. Lazdijų border post.

Customs organisational structure Lithuania customs mission Customs Procedures Vilnius territorial customs Border checkpoints.

Budget of the Republic of Lithuania customs office. Owner – state, him rights and duty implement the Custom Department Public juridical person Administration Office: Prospect Volunteer 174, Vilnius.

European Community customs legislation LR constitution Lithuanian Republic laws Vilnius territorial customs regulations approved by the Customs Department General Director on 30th April 2010 order. And the other customs law act.

Druskininkų municipality Elektrėnų municipality Ignalinos district municipality Molėtų district municipality Šalčininkų district municipality Širvintų district municipality Švenčionių district municipality Trakų district municipality Ukmergės district municipality Utenos district municipality Varėnos district municipality Visagino municipality Zarasų district municipality Vilniaus city and Vilniaus district municipality .

Defined area of ​​operation and to organize the implementation of customs legislation and other functions of the Customs Department.

The most important task of the territorial customs.

Ensure the implementation of the legislation for which they have responsibility customs. implementation of the customs activities strategy protect the European Community and the Republic Lithuania for unfair and illegal trade to protect the European Communities' financial interests And other.

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