Cut your spending dialogas

Cut your spending dialogas.

2-of course, id like to show people how to save more money, becouse i can do it really well.

1-well if you are participating in this, im going to compete with you.

2-that sounds great, why dont we just start it right now? what do you think about young people and their expenses?

1-well if we are talking about teenagers then they spend all their money for entertainment and i think that they should spend less money on junk food or sweets.

2-talking about food, these days people spend too much money for it becouse they are usually eating outside at restourants or cafes and even if they decide to eat at home, they still buy too much food, which they have to throw away after a couple of days.

2-i agree with you becouse i think that commertials are also responsible for people buying food that they dont even need.

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  • Cut your spending dialogas
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