Dairy industry

Introduction. History. Structure of the industry. Industrial processing. Milking machines. Associated diseases. Conclusions. Literature.

Milk and dairy products remain among the most important in our daily food ration. According to the German Dairy Industry Association (MIV), the average yearly consumption of the EU population of about 28% more dairy products than the new EU citizens, which includes Lithuania, the Lithuanian Department of Statistics based on data from 2008 One resident of Lithuania on average consumed 268 kg of milk and dairy products per year. Milk contains more than 200 different substances needed by the human body's cells and regeneration of energy. One liter of milk, the daily intake of vitamin A, to our eyes, 58 per cent. Our daily production of blood needed for vitamin B2. In half a liter of milk is 50-70 percent. human body with the necessary daily calcium intake.

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