Danske bank project

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How could Danske Bank change its picture in to better one and become more customer-oriented bank, in order to gain more customers?

Danske bank was founded in 1871 and is the biggest bank in Denmark and among the three largest in all Scandinavia. Moreover, it has branches in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and also in 8 other countries. Danske Bank is organized in three business units: personal banking, business banking and corporates & institutions.However, the economic crisis, which started in 2008, caused the start of a new era in banks. As an answer to the crisis, the company decided to change their direction and they intended to regain customer’s rust on the bank.

There has been a high loss of customers which can be due to the negative picture of Danske Bank. This bank is not as customer-oriented as it could be, compared to other banks. One of their main problems is the loss of the customer’s trust because of a bad reputation among them.

The main purpose of being more customer-oriented and changing their picture is to offer a better service and to achieve a better reputation among customers. This will lead on the higher customer number and make sure that Danske Bank will not lose any more customers. A good reputation will make existing customers more likely to recommend Danske bank to others.

Most customers the bank lose and got rid of are people with low incomes. They did not concentrate on them because they knew those people are not bringing much money to the bank. We assumed that these customers must not be satisfied with Danske Bank, which is why they were chosen as a target group to this project.

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