Dark side of creativity

Dark side of creativity.

To start with not only in twenty first century creativity gain the dark side it was quite from the past. All those beautifull paintings, architectures, scultures that was created a lot of years past has something with darknes. Those all created arts now are well know beautifull and accepted worldwide. One of those artworks darkneses is that quite a lot of creators used drugs just for that that open their mind more widen, for seesing things diferently then other people. One of exaples creator of Sagrada Familija in Barcelona the Antoni Gaudi used to use drugs and then create an increadible buildings even for that long Sagrada Familija is still umder construction. That drugs open minds, that people see more things that are increadible does not mean that this is good choise of creative proces, but more and more people chose it. Drugs always was asociated with darknes and bad things by this we can say that those creative people for more ideas chosed not the best way to increase their creativity.

Creators and their movies or actors are one part of creativity darkness. To continue with, the creators and actors have their own dark side such as taking drugs and being over crazy. Directors lives are not easy, because they have to be very, very creative to create a new movie , and actors be very good and creative at their roles and sometimes it is too hard to handle it.

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