Data Base and Analyse

Informatikos referatas. Task 1 Data models and database technologies. Database systems and file based systems. Analyse different database design. Task Know how to design relational database systems. Normalization and normal forms. ER model Entity Relationship. Mapping ER model. DDL queries. Using of Management Studio do show query design. Task 3 Know about queries. In database system queries benefit. Demonstrate SQL queries. All managers of each team. The top Player from League with number of goals scored. Average goal per game. All games was played in a particular City. All players who played for particular referee. Fixtures yet to be played along with the date of each game. Validity of the data using queries and comment. Task Able to test database systems and make documentation. Test the relational database system. Make user documentation for database system relation. V&V document, make explain how it related. Explain control mechanisms.

The database is created to collect files and store them to the database. User has the access to the data choosing database files from DBMS (1.Cary Jensen 2012).

Data access advantage provides quick answers to add and read queries for database. It is a specific query to add or read data from database. The query is kind of request sent to database system which responds the query result (1.Cary Jensen 2012). Database access allows editing more information on the stored data. The most important thing for the quality of the information is to make sure that the underlying data is correct (1.Cary Jensen 2012).

Improved database security. It’s very important that database has an access to the users which is in the list otherwise there is more risks of data security breaches. The company must invest money and time to ensure that Company database is used properly (1. Cary Jensen. 2012).

Increased costs. Database systems hardware and software Upgrades are expensive. The cost of software and hardware is big because it needs to operate and manage the database system. The company needs to invest money to purchase the software and hardware that can process faster the data to and from database to user (1. Cary Jensen. 2012).

Frequent upgrade/replacement cycles. If database frequently upgrading new products and new versions of software it might need to upgrade the hardware due to low memory. In this case company needs to spend extra money to train staff and pay administrator for new back-up system which transfers all data from old database to the new one.

Training is required for the users who are working with database. It Coast extra money for the company (1. Cary Jensen. 2012).

Training - no special training is required as the system is easy to use and users can manage files without special skills.

File – Based system can be used by the small companies only whose database doesn’t contain lots of information, is not complicated and data is not related to each other.

Access to information – there is no hoc query command which writes and gets back query result faster.

Analyse different database design

There are two main types of database methods, bottom-up and the top-down method. These two methods are different, but both of them can define all of the process between.

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