Development of economic thought in Lithuania

Development of economic thought in lithuania.

Lithuania is an old country and is very rich for its history. Throughout the years, this country changed a lot. It changed its economic thought a lot of times and it brought a lot of new and unique ideas. However, not all of those ideas worked out, some of them harmed Lithuania’s economy. In this paper I will analyze and mention some basic economic problems that it faced, its causes, and also changes in the whole economic thought in Lithuania and the influence of

disasters. Lithuania was first mentioned in 1009, 9th of March. It was a very strong country that structure that mainly concentrated on the rise of Lithuania’s economy. However, lots of factors destroyed this growth in economy. The main reasons why Lithuania took a few steps back in its Union and also because Lithuania was unconditionally harmed after the World War II. Even though Lithuania had a lot new economic thoughts that could rebuilt its economy, it still

struggled a lot with using them in real life. (“”)

economic thought: the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries, when the Department of Political Economy was established at Vilnius establishment of the Political Economic department at Vilnius University brought Lithuania to an absolutely new level. It not only opened the eyes for the most of Lithuanians, but it also helped

to understand the main problems and gave some solutions to improve this country and the life in trading with other countries. When in 1252 Lithuania built its own castle in Klaipeda, the city that is located next to the Baltic Sea, it started to control trading. However, after the breakdown moved Lithuania’s capital to Vilnius and when this city started to grow and spread very fast, the Grand Duchy also started to build stronger relations with other countries, kingdoms, etc. In 1398, in archipelago treaty it was said that Lithuania could trade with German merchants.

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