Dialogas school dining hall

A. Hi Monika how are you? B. I am okay and how about you? A. I am good too, thanks. Let’s get to work. Have you thought about themes that we should discuss in our presentation? B. Of course I did. I think the main theme that we should discuss is quality of lunch meals, because it is very poor in our school. In some other schools the meals are very well made some of the schools even serve pizza while in our school it looks like they serve anything they find in fridge and tries to mix it up to make some kind of a new dish. Sometimes I don’t even eat it because it smells weird. Plus it is even worse if you have to pay for it. One friend said that he wanted to eat something, so he went to schools dining hall and asked what they had, they had only one dish to serve, he thought “hmm okay” he took it, and it cost him 4 and a half litas, but that’s not the worst part….
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