Dialogas su indirect klausimais

D Hello! V Hi! D I’m doing a project about the daily round. I wonder if you could spare a moment? V Of course. D Thank you. So could you tell me when you usually get up in the mornings? V Usually I get up at 7 o’clock, because I have to go to school, but at weekends I get up at 10 or 11 o’clock. D Ok. Would you mind telling me where you have your breakfast. V I have breakfast at home. D Like most other people. I understand you are studying. So I’d like to know how many lessons you have every day.

D: It is quite many. Could you tell me what you do after school?

V: I go to the gym and after that I do my homework.

D: Would you mind telling me when you go to bed?

V: You’re welcome. I do a project too, but it is about lessons. So could I ask you some questions too?

V: I’d like to know what your favorite lesson is.

V: My too. Could you tell me what lessons you don’t like?

D: Every day I have seven lessons except Friday I have five lessons.

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