Dialogue about places to visit

Dialogue about places to visit.

B : Well, this is the first time im hearing this but i think we can handle ourselves. Do you have any ideas?

B : Well im not very fond of that idea and i think that instead we should take them to šiaulių dienos to show them how our city celebrates its birthday.

A: Well, yeah, i‘m thinking about a different idea. I think that visiting our Petro ir Pauliaus church is a better idea, i think we can party later, you know what i mean ?

B: visiting landmarks is good but i still think that we should take them to a some kind of event. Maybe to see the fireworks on the city's birthday.

A: Yeah, that's a good idea, I think we should visit some landmarks or historical places at day time, and we can take a stroll on our historic old town at night, and look at the fireworks

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  • Dialogue about places to visit
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