Dialogue about trial

Dialogue about trial.

CLERK: Yes my Lord.The court hearing came clerk Ema Volkovaitė, the injured Erika Baltrušaitytė and her lawyer Deimantė Alytaitė, accused Kamilė Blaževičiūtė her lawyer Vaiga Aleksandravičiūtė ,witnesses Paulius Stonys Karolina Bukauskaitė and Ieva Mykolaitytė and psychologist Orinta Kryštopaitytė.

JUDGE: Thank you. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Today the court will examine the criminal case No. 155 where Kamilė Blaževičiūtė charged under the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania to Article XXX 2017 years January 20 about 17:30 pm, in Kaunas, Kalniečiai park was beaten for 14 years a minor Erika Baltrušaitytė. The girl went out of sports groups into the house through the Kalniečiai Park. E.B was attacked from behind, beaten and robbed the defendants Kamilės Blaževičiūtė. Witnesses said the victim was beaten to unconsciousness. We would like to hear witness evidence.Please leave in the hall witnesses

ACCUSED : I am Kamilė Blaževičiūtė, born July 13, 1999 in Kaunas, a Lithuanian citizen, I have a basic education, not study, I am live in brother's house in the village of Garliava, Kaunas district, I hadn’t no criminal record.

JUDGE: Did you receive a copy of the indictment? With criminal case familiar?

JUDGE: All parties of their rights and questioning Order knows?

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