Dialogue at the mall

Dialogue at the mall.

A: Hello! Are you looking for something? May I help you?B: Hey! Yes. I am looking for a classy yet stylish dress.A: Okay. Do you have any color in mind?B: Not really, but I want the dress short and embedded in lace; something that's fitting but not vulgar.A: Here you go, a dress according to your description. How do you like this one?B: This is a little too skimpy for me... Could you please show me something that isn't so cut and cropped from all over?A:  Sure I can, I think I know exactly what you're looking for... Please, come with me. Here you go, these are some unique patterns that came in only last week.B: I'm glad that you are so helpful. These patterns look really stunning. I would like to try this one red and white dress. Could you please show me the trial room?A:  The trial room is at the end of this hallway.

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  • Dialogue at the mall
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