Dialogue: school magazine

Dialogue about school magazine. Dialogue about school magajin. Dialouge about school magazine.

Dialogue: school magazine.

A: Thanks, I`m feeling so much emotions about our school magazine, that I am facing with a lot of stress. How are you?

B: I`m feeling raring to go about our magazine! Actually, I want to ask you, may you have something what you like or not about this school magazine? Because I want to talk, to not to face with some problems.

A: Yeah, I got your idea. I love our school magazine concept and of course the content. I believe that the pupils are very interesting to read it and they find out more news about some topics. But you know, there is something I don`t think is a good about magazine. It is a headlines... It`s too much boring and some people don`t even read the articles.

A: Oh... I don`t have an idea about it. Maybe, it could cost something about 1 euro? It would be only the prime cost, but we`re not seeking to become rich! You think it`s right price?

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  • Dialogue: school magazine
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