Different kinds of communication

Although, online communication has it’s advantages and disadvantages. To start with, online communication is great when you have a friend that lives in another country. Some people just simply don’t have the time or money to visit their friends so social media websites and web chatting programs help to keep in touch with each other. Also, you can meet interesting people with the same interests and opinions as you have if you use social media websites. And you can find out something new about cultures and other countries that you haven’t heard before. This can also change your perspective on life. You can become very open minded towards people by chatting with someone whose culture is different than yours. Another advantage of online communication is that shy people can talk easier. Shy people are usually afraid or nervous when talking. So these people can talk to others by just chatting online and not feel nervous. Lastly, nowadays businesses and companies make social media pages to promote their products or services. And it’s very helpful for them because they can communicate with customers.
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  • Different kinds of communication
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